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IT consultancies often Estimate, Manage, Implement, Deploy, and Administrate IT Systems on behalf of their client Organizations.


We, at Tianzhu Tech Solutions, provide commendable implementation services to monitor and configure your network security problems.


Information Security and Information Technology (IT) Security is much more necessary used in IT fields for IT Software or Hardware.


A proper Server System would allow you to harness the full power of IT Systems collaboration and many more Integration in IT market.

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Tianzhu Technology was established in the year 2013 by a group of Tech professionals with multiple facilities that belongs to Hardware and Software background, focuses on Engineering services and IT Solutions. Tianzhu team has in depth expertise in developing learning environment for women’s and making them educated. Tianzhu software is in various domains such as IT Security, Data Management, Virtual Servers, Cloud Computing and many more….

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About Our Services

Well Known IT products

  • IT Consulting

    IT consultancies often Estimate, Manage, Implement, Deploy, and Administrate IT systems on behalf of their client organizations. We are outsourcing IT Software’s as well as Products.

  • Website Design

    We Tianzhu tech solutions are in website design and development. We  responsive website design that should designed in well mannered and have a nice front end. Our company will provide static and dynamic website for your enterprise.

  • Support

    “We, at Tianzhu tech solutions are committed to providing exceptional support services to our customers from a team of highly skilled cloud experts and so we also offer Public Cloud Support Security Services that are faster, and reliable”.

Our Partners

Tianzhu Tech Solutions Offer’s differentiated value offerings up and down to the channel Collaborates, in some or the other touching everyone in the chain from the vendor to the end customer.