Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Computing arrangements can incorporate IT framework, advancement stages and programming. In spite of the fact that “the cloud" can mean a considerable measure of things to various individuals, for IT experts it offers an approach to expand existing limit and capacities. Cloud administrations are IT segments, for example, programming, programming dilemma, systems administration and servers that are conveyed to associations on-request, generally on a compensation IT premise.

Cloud Computing arrangements come as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Cloud specialist organizations (CSPs) offer association utility write assets, as virtual machines, systems administration and capacity limit. Cloud stages are best approaches that encourage improvement conditions utilizing pooled and adaptable assets. There are likewise programming administrations that convey applications utilizing a multi occupant engineering. Cloud assets can live both on and off premises, or a blend of both, utilizing a half breed cloud display.

Cloud Computing Service like (IaaS) is a cloud display which enables associations to outsource registering data and Informations, for example, servers, stockpiling, organizing and additionally benefits, for example, stack adjusting and content conveyance systems. The IaaS supplier claims and keeps up the data while the association leases the particular administrations it needs, for the most part on a “pay as you go" premise. IaaS Provider: Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • IaaS Provider: Windows Azure
  • IaaS Provider: Google Compute Engine
  • IaaS Provider: Rack space Open Cloud
  • IaaS Provider: IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise
  • IaaS Provider: HP Enterprise Converged Infrastructure

Cloud Computing Service like (PaaS) is a cloud demonstrate intended for programming designers that streamlines the advancement procedure by moving particular parts of frameworks administration to the specialist organization. PaaS is utilized to create web and portable applications utilizing segments that are Pre-arranged and kept up by the specialist organization, including programming dialects, application servers and databases.

  • PaaS Provider: Engine Yard
  • PaaS Provider: Red Hat OpenShift
  • PaaS Provider: Google App Engine
  • PaaS Provider: Heroku
  • PaaS Provider: AppFog
  • PaaS Provider: Windows Azure Cloud Services
  • PaaS Provider: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • PaaS Provider: Caspio
  • Specialized PaaS: mBaaS Providers

Cloud Computing Service like (SaaS) is a cloud demonstrate that conveys on-request applications that are facilitated and overseen by the specialist co-op and normally paid for on a membership premise. SaaS arrangements offer various focal points over on-premises organizations, including negligible organization and upkeep, any place get to, and by and large enhanced correspondence and joint effort.

  • SaaS Customer Service Providers
  • SaaS Office Suite Providers
  • SaaS Project Management Providers
  • SaaS Help Desk Providers

Cloud consulting expertise

  • Exploratory evaluations
  • Cloud value assessment
  • Cloud TCO assessment
  • Compliance and regulatory implications assessment
  • Security and data sovereignty implications assessment
  • Availability and BCP implications assessment
  • Enterprise adaptation needs assessment
  • Operating model adaptation assessment

Cloud strategy

  • Information and workloads classification strategy
  • Migration assessment: Current vs. asset light vs. virtualized vs. cloud
  • Migration strategy
  • Governance strategy
  • Compliance strategy
  • Converged cloud strategies
  • Ecosystem leveraging strategies
  • Cloud internalization strategy: Consumption, administration, and governance
  • IT strategy reengineering for cloud inclusion
  • Cloud exit strategy

Solution and technology consulting

  • Service provider decisions
  • Platform and technology decisions
  • Frameworks, building blocks, appliances, and service providers decisions
  • Enterprise integration decisions: Data, identity, and systems
  • Compliance and security consulting
  • Capacity planning and sizing
  • Solution architecture
  • HA, DR & BCP solutions