We offer our time, finance, IT resources, and infrastructural assistance in aid of several social causes:

  • Eradicating illiteracy (including IT illiteracy) through education
  • Empowering people living in rural areas
  • Health education and healthcare provision
  • Assisting the less fortunate sections of society

In our bid to reduce feminization of poverty, Tianzhu Tech Solutions  is working with women to develop skills in Information Technology. Most new immigrants fall within this category. In our needs assessment, it was observed that a lot of women are still in need of Basic Computer Training. Financial donations enable us to continue running this and other valuable programs and workshops we offer. We welcome donations in any amount. Direct donations can be made with cash, cheques and Visa.

Five reasons why you should donate to Tianzhu Tech Solutions:

  1. Employable skills: Supporting Tianzhu Tech Solutions means supporting women earn employable skills to get employed, post resume, search for jobs to earn income to assist self and their family.
  2. Violence prevention: Supporting Tianzhu Tech Solutions means assisting women with skills to assess information on line, stay connected and earn income to minimize violence.
  3. Economic empowerment: Supporting Tianzhu Tech Solutionsmeans assisting newcomer women and family to integrate in a good time as women become economically empowered.
  4. In addressing immigrant women’s need to get employed, their families are integrated and the need of a significant portion of our society is met.
  5. Your generous donation to the Tianzhu Tech Solutions will help change a woman’s life.
Making a difference